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We are pleased to announce our endorsements of the following candidates:

Mayor – Victoria Woodards

City Council, Position 2 – Robert Thoms

City Council, Position 4 – Kevin Grossman

City Council, Position 5 – Brian Arnold

City Council, Position 6 – Meredith Neal

Port Commissioner -1 – John McCarthy

Port Commissioner – 2 – Dick Marzano

More information coming soon!

The TPC Business Alliance PAC will hold its next board meeting on July 6, 2017.

Endorsement interviews are currently underway; follow the PAC on Facebook for the most up-to-date information about fundraising events, endorsements and more.



The Tacoma Rainiers provided an excellent venue for our TPC Business Alliance PAC supporters to rally together for a great kick off to the 2017 Election Year! We are pleased to announce that this event raised $15,000 for the PAC.

Thank you all for your support and for joining in the fun! Special thanks to the Tacoma Rainiers, and also to our Dessert Sponsor, Celebrity Cake Studios.


Denny Heck has been a great member of Congress and led a host of major efforts to enhance our national defense (JBLM and Madigan), spearheaded the effort to build SR 167, advocated for the new mental health hospital and has been a voice of reason in D.C. It was a pleasure to see the local support for him at a fundraising event hosted by Thompson Consulting.


The Tacoma Pierce County Business Alliance PAC sponsored the opening night of the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber Wa 2 WA D.C. trip. PAC Chair/President Joanna Monroe and Executive Director Tara Doyle-Enneking promoted the PAC to 50 Puget Sound leaders and delegates in Washington, D.C. Paving the way to make the South Sound the best place to do business in Washington State!

Tara Doyle-Enneking and Joanna Monroe


The Tacoma Pierce County Business Alliance PAC has expanded its Board of Directors to 12 members with the addition of the following new members: Tara Doyle-Enneking (February 2017), Loren Cohen (April 2017), Lane Smith (April 2017), Samantha Louderbeck (May 2017), Matt Perry (May 2017), and Brent Hall (June 2017).

Meet our Board

Former City Council Candidate and Local Business Owner Tara Doyle-Enneking is hired as the Executive Director of the Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance PAC. Tara also serves on the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce Board and is a strong advocate for improving the business climate in Pierce County.


Board Chair Joanna Monroe announces that the TPC Business Alliance PAC has a fundraising goal of $300,000 for the 2017 city-wide elections. Follow the PAC on Facebook for the most up-to-date information about fundraising events, endorsements and more.

Last November PAC endorsed Tacoma City Council Candidates, Conor McCarthy and Keith Blocker, were elected into office. Tonight both will be sworn in and ready to begin representing the City of Tacoma. Take a closer look at who these two Council Members are and how they are preparing for their responsibilities.

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Smell Test: Anders Ibsen talks chamber money and ‘wealthy special interests’

Matt Driscoll: Is fear over a ‘Chamber Candidate’ for Tacoma City Council Warranted?

The Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement and support for the following candidates in contested races in the Tacoma City Council primary election.

In the 1st District, the PAC has extended its support to John Hines and Tara Doyle-Enneking.

In the 3rd District, the PAC has extended its support to Keith BlockerKris Blondin, and Valentine Smith.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance will continue to support these candidates and invites anyone to contact us with questions about candidates, their rationale, or ways other individuals can support these candidates or the work of the Business Alliance.

The decision to endorse these candidates came after the Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance PAC interview committee met several candidates for Tacoma City Council in the 1st and 3rd districts. The committee took the opportunity to ask each candidate about several issues pertinent to local business including their stance on minimum wage, ability to advocate for business interests with fellow councilmembers, and economic development.

After much thought and consideration, the Business Alliance decided to endorse and contribute to the primary campaigns of a few candidates whom they feel will best serve the interests of the people and businesses of Tacoma.

 Welcome to Latest News! This page will be used to update the Tacoma community about the efforts of the PAC as well as relevant news to Tacoma-Pierce County and the businesses that serve it.